What it Means to Be Green


Core Values

  • Competency


  • Abstract
  • Private
  • Philosophical
  • Systematic

I like to think about how I can learn new things, invent new ways of doing things, or improve existing systems.

The best way to engage me is to ask me about my ideas.

I will continue to be an active participant if you acknowledge my ideas.

I am least likely to respond to pressure to conform, particularly if rules or policies do not make rational sense to me.

My ideal role is to tackle complex or abstract problems and put them in perspective with the big picture.

My greatest everyday stress occurs when I am prevented from thinking my thoughts through, and from moving forward in implementing my ideas.

As a Green…

You think independently. You naturally consider the big picture and won’t hesitate to question current thinking. You enjoy opportunities to innovate and will take the time to think things through. You tend to be very analytical and, while others are talking, you’re listening, thinking, evaluating, understanding.

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